Bulk Custom Icon 1.0.1

Quickly apply a single custom icon to any number of files.


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What is it?

Someone on the MacWorld forums was looking for a tool to apply a common custom icon to a whole bunch of folders without having to do it by pasting onto one folder at a time. Here’s the tool to do it. It’s supported on Mac OS X 10.4 and up, and is native on PPC, and 32- and 64-bit Intel systems.

How do I install it?

Drag the application anywhere you like.

How do I use it?

Double-click it. Drag the image file that you want to use as an icon into the box on the left side of the window. Drag files and folders onto the right half. Sit back and wait, depending on how many things you dropped at once.

In fairness I have to note that (at least in 10.6) Finder already offers this feature through the “Summary Info” window that you get when you press Cmd-Ctrl-I for a selection instead of just Cmd-I. Discovered that after I wrote this app, but I leave it up in case people prefer this mechanism or Finder doesn’t offer it in 10.4 or 10.5.

How do I support this wonder product?

I happily accept donations. You can send any amount you feel like via PayPal to gweston@mac.com or paper mail to:

Greg Weston
PO Box 54
Avon CT 06001