DateService 1.1

Insert the date and time into service-aware applications.


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What is it?

DateService is a plugin for the Mac OS X Services submenu that most modern applications make available under the main application menu. DateService adds commands to insert the current date or time in any of the user-specified formats configured in System Preferences' International settings. DateService works with Mac OS X 10.3 and up, and is a universal binary.

How do I install it?

Drag the DateService.service file to a subdirectory named Services in either your own Library or the main /Library. The latter option will make it available to every user.

How do I use it?

When you're using a service-aware application, just select any of DateService's subcommands from the Services menu. Any current selection in the document will be replaced by whatever representation of the date or time you've selected. You can configure the date formats through the International pane of the System Preferences application; DateService uses the system-wide date formats specified by the user.

Isn't that menu a bit unwieldy?

I agree. It's very dense and larger than most Services submenus. I provided the full range of date commands. Unfortunately, so far Apple hasn't really provided any means for users to manage the services menu. Happily, Peter Maurer has. Check out his (donation-ware) Service Scrubber for a nice tool to remove the commands you don't want and add/change keyboard shortcuts for the ones you really use.

How do I get rid of it?

Uninstalling service plugins is a little tricky. If you've installed it in /Library, you'll have to make sure all but one administrative user are logged out. Once only a single user is logged in, drag the file from whichever Library it was in to the desktop and log out. Log back in and you should be able to drag it to the trash. Apple prevents dragging directly to the trash to avoid accidental deletion of something that's still in use.

How do I support this wonder product?

I happily accept donations. You can send any amount you feel like via PayPal to or paper mail to:

Greg Weston
PO Box 54
Avon CT 06001