DenyThumbDrives 2.1

Protect your machine and your data from unauthorized users.


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About DenyThumbDrives

DenyThumbDrives is a utility to help administrators of public terminals maintain the integrity of their systems. Basically all it does is watch for attempts to mount small, local volumes like the common USB thumb drive, and immediately eject them.

Using DenyThumbDrives

The standard operating mode is to deny any attempt to mount a local storage device smaller than a configurable threshold capacity. The preference pane allows the administrator to allow certain classes of media to be mounted and to temporarily disable the mechanism.

System Requirements

DenyThumbDrives requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher. That should be it.


DenyThumbDrives is freeware; no payment is required although I'm not too proud to accept it if you really feel a need to. If you use DenyThumbDrives please consider making a charitable donation to The American Breast Cancer Foundation.

Someone who feels compelled to give me money might want to check out my trash automation utility, Compost.