Nakishi 1.0

A simple tool for creating desktop images and wallpaper for your computer, iPhone and iPad.


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About Nakishi

A pet project that I thought might be useful for other people. I wanted a simple way to crop an image to be suitable for use as wallpaper on my iPad. It seemed a no-brainer to make it work more generally for displays of any size and offers convenient access to the sizes you’re most likely to need.


It's just an app. Place it wherever you like.


It's fairly self-explanatory in my opinion, but the high-level view is that you open an image, specify the desired crop size and then move and resize the selection indicator to define the portion of the image to use.

If you run Mac OS X 10.6, when creating desktop pictures for your machine, you can have it automatically set the resulting image as the desktop picture.

System Requirements

Nakishi requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher and is a universal binary.


Nakishi is donationware. It was a quick, fun project that I wanted to do. That said, its development has consumed some time and, as those who've contacted me know, my software is well supported. If you use Nakishi - and possibly even find it useful - please consider making a donation via PayPal (account or paper mail to:

Greg Weston
PO Box 54
Avon CT 06001