Neko 1.0

The classic kitten running around on the desktop.


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What is it?

Neko is a everyone’s favorite computerized cat, finally available for Mac OS X. There’s already a screensaver version, but this gives you a little kitten running around on your desktop. Neko works with Mac OS X 10.4 and up, and is a universal binary.

How do I install it?

Drag the application anywhere you like.

How do I use it?

Double-click it. Make it a login item if you like.

How do I stop it?

Control-click the kitten. Choose “Put the Cat Out” from the menu.

How do I support this wonder product?

I happily accept donations. You can send any amount you feel like via PayPal to or paper mail to:

Greg Weston
PO Box 54
Avon CT 06001