WebArchive Folderizer 1.2.5

Extract the content of Safari webarchives.


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What's all this, then?

WebArchive Folderizer is a tool born of need. I needed to get the images out of a Safari webarchive file and for some reason Safari had decided to refresh the stored page but couldn't get to the online resources it needed. Just drop a webarchive file on the application icon, or on the window that appears when you run it by itself, and you'll get a new folder containing all the contents of the archived page mimicking the original directory structure.

So how come the page looks different now?

I made a decision when writing this tool that I wasn't going to modify any of the content. Wasn't going to make any attempt to make any explicit remote references look locally or anything like that. One of the side-effects of that is that the text encoding of a web page isn't (reliably) stored in the page source itself. The web server sends it along as an ancillary piece of data. That data is usually in the webarchive, but I haven't figured out a reliable, non-destructive way to embed it in the extracted content.

What if I need support or have an idea?

Write to me at support@splook.com.